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Why Digital Print?

Benefits of digital printing


Digital printing gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging. With our low minimum orders, brands can create limited edition packaging, run more promotions, and test new products in the market. Brands of all sizes can confidently make a big impact, without the cost and risk of committing to high minimum order quantities.

Less wastage

You only have to print what you need, when you need it. Digital printing allows you to respond to market demand in real time. And, with digital printing, so you can print to demand and avoid having excessive inventory. This allows you to keep more cash in your business while decreasing the risk of obsolescence and excess inventory, both of which can cost you more than you may realize, and of course bringing causes more harm to the mother nature. 

Multiple SKU's

Digital printing allows brands printing less of each SKU, this is the game changer of digital printing. Because there are no plates, multiple SKUs can run at once so brands can combine multiple SKUs into one order, or one print run. No matter if you have 3 designs or 300, digital printing has got you covered, and all in one order.

NO printing plate

Since there are no plates, there is no lengthy or costly set up when a change needs to be made to the design. It’s just a new file, so you have the ability to make tweaks to your packaging design file without the headache, cost, and delay associated with the creation of new plates. If your ingredient list changes, you get a new certification, or even if you change your logo, you can easily adjust your design file and start printing the updated design immediately.

Shorter leadtime

In digital printing, there are never any plates to create or set up. This means once the digital file is sent over, your project is ready to print. so you get your packaging fast. In some cases, it’s the difference between getting your order in days, instead of months.

Drive your brand

Digital printing makes Branding easier and faster. With lower initial capital to invest in packaging due to low MOQ. It allows your to print unique packaging for multiple products, hence bringing up your products and brands image. 

Branding Made Affordable & Simple

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