Also know as SPOUTPAK or Spouted Pouch. Is the new generation in Liquid Packaging technology. Our Spouted Pouch Packaging can take your Liquid based product to the next level of packaging standard.

Consumers enjoy the ease of use, flexibility, and appearance of Spout Pouches.

Product Manufacturers enjoy the cost savings, ease of shipping/stacking, and appeal of Spout Pouches. 

Our Spout Pouches coffee packaging bags are available in stock as well as custom printed selections as per the requirements of our clients. Our custom printed Spout Pouches bags are produced by utilizing the advanced rotogravure technique. Company branding and product information would be effectively displayed on these bags. We produce our bags by utilizing several FDA approved plastic materials such as

– VMPET, PET, LLDPE, BOPP, Nylon, Aluminum Foil RCPP and etc...


What products are best in Spout Pouches?

Any liquid product can be placed in a Spouted Pouch. Our customers that using Spout Pouches ranges from Fruit Juice, Ready-to-drink Coffee / Tea, Nutrition Drinks, Body Care Liquid, Hai Care Liquid, Laundry Detergent and many more.

Manufacturers are switching to Spout Flexible Pouches for their liquid products because of customer demand. Customers prefer easy to use Spout Pouches over bulky, traditional forms of packaging.


Bag Types :

3-Side-Sealed Bag with Spout

Stand Pouch with Spout

Flat-Bottom Bag with Spout​​

Meterial Structure :

PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE (Foil)

PET/VMPET/Nylon/LLDPE (Metalised)


PET/Nylon/RCPP (Retort Grade) 

Special Applications :

High temperature filling

Sterilization Process

Retort Process

Spout Stand Pouch

for Sterilize Process

Spout Stand Pouch